“Genshin Impact” Releases Teaser For New Region, Sumeru!

“Genshin Impact” is probably one of the most leak-ridden games currently in existence. Despite Hoyoverse’s attempt on putting a stop to them, they just keep coming every time a game update comes along. The latest leak is one of the biggest yet, figuratively and literally. Teyvat’s fourth region, Sumeru! Before we move forward, we want to remind you that some of this information is from leaks and are still subject to change.


About Sumeru

Sumeru is one of the seven regions in the continent of Teyvat, the place where the event of “Genshin Impact” happens. Just like the previous 3 regions, Sumeru worships a God, Kusanali, the current Dendro Archon. She is known by many names including the Flower Archon, God Of Wisdom, and The Lesser Lord Kusanali. She is currently 500 years old, the youngest out of the seven Archons with the Geo Archon, Morax being the oldest (6000 years old.)

Sumeru is also connected to one of the 7 elements in teyvat, specifically Dendro which is pretty obvious since the region basically looks like one giant forest full of lush greeneries, and large floras just about everywhere you look. But the game does mention that it has desert areas as well. A newly updated map (also from leaks) shows that Sumeru will be the biggest region yet in terms of land mass.

Additionally, Sumeru is famously known to house the world-renowned Sumeru Academia, a leading institute for the arcane arts and recorded history. This is also the same academy where Lisa (Mondstadt’s librarian) graduated.

Japan Uploads Teaser On Twitter

The Japanese Twitter account for “Genshin Impact” uploaded the teaser trailer for Sumeru earlier than what seems to be the rest of Genshin’s other social media platforms. You can watch the trailer down below given that it’s still available for viewing.

When Will Sumeru Arrive In “Genshin?”

There’s no exact date as to when Sumeru will arrive in “Genshin Impact” but it is highly speculated that it will be available once the 3.0 update arrives. Given that the game followed the same format before, it is most likely the case as Liyue arrived in version 1.0 and Inazuma in version 2.0. “Genshin Impact” is available for PC, consoles, and mobile devices. You can download the game through their website.