Riot Games (LOL)

All the game projects Riot Games announced during the League of Legends 10 year...

Riot Games' 10 year anniversary came with game announcements of epic proportions! The creators of League of Legends released a massive shockwave...
MU Origin 2 ESGS

MU ORIGIN 2 to celebrate anniversary at the ESGS 2019!

MU Origins 2 is going to celebrate its anniversary by giving tons of prizes and surprises at this year’s Esports and Gaming Summit (ESGS).
Akosi Dogie One Piece: Stampede

Filipino streamer Akosi Dogie in hot water for posting recorded One Piece movie clip

Pinoy streamer Akosi Dogie could be facing sanctions after uploading a video clip of One Piece Stampede, an anime movie currently airing in cinemas.
Gravity 2Q Report

Gravity 2Q update: Ragnarok M: First Love being prepared for a 2020 launch!

Gravity released their Second Quarter Report for 2019, includes updates on Ragnarok: First Love and other upcoming games.
Riot Games New Fighting Game

Riot Games, the company behind LOL, confirmed that they’re making a fighting game!

Riot Games has confirmed that they’re currently developing a new fighting game, the first one after their hit title League of Legends.
Tencent and The Pokémon Company

Tencent and The Pokémon Company join forces to develop a new Pokemon game!

Tencent Games and The Pokémon Company collaborate for a brand new game based on the Pokémon IP.

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