Epic Games: Fortnite Battle Royale is coming to iOS and Android

Fornite Battle Royale is finally coming to mobile, with players having the ability to play with others using different gaming platforms.

Artifact: The Dota Card Game Set To Launch In 2018

Valve releases new details about its long-awaited, Dota-based card game Artifact, which is set to be launched this 2018.
Ragnarok Bard and Dancer

Bard And Dancer Classes Are Coming To Ragnarok Online Philippines

Ragnarok Online Philippines is getting jiggy with the arrival of Bard and Dancer classes available to all players!

PUBG Mobile Guides And Updates For 2018

PUBG bets big and banks on two mobile game versions. Can PUBG recreate the magic on mobile? For the latest updates, start with our PUBG mobile guide!

Hello Hero Epic Battle soft launches in the Philippines

Mobile RPG sensation Hello Hero Epic Battle soft launches in the Philippines and offers free rewards and gifts to pre-registration applicants.

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