The Momo Challenge is most probably fake, but be careful anyway

The Momo Challenge is most likely a hoax, but it did make us more vigilant about what our children read and watch online, which is always a good thing.

EST Games: Cabal Mobile to release an English version within this year!

EST Games plans for Cabal Mobile’s global launch this year, first CBT period to start on March in South Korea. Read on for more details.

Tencent reveals China release date of Perfect World Mobile

Gaming giant Tencent has revealed the China release date for its new and upcoming MMORPG Perfect World Mobile. Read on for more details.

Thor actor Chris Hemsworth promotes Nexon’s newest mobile MMORPG Traha

Thor actor Chris Hemsworth is now promoting new mobile MMORPG game Traha after it broke pre-registration records of gaming publisher Nexon.

Netease confirms the upcoming English version of LifeAfter

Survival crafting RPG LifeAfter which brings players into a post-apocalyptic world full of zombies is about to get an English version for mobile.

Classic Tetris gets a modern battle royale twist with Tetris 99!

Classic puzzle game Tetris gets a new life with new battle royale version Tetris 99 launched for the Nintendo Switch.

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