“Peridot,” Niantic Announces Brand new AR Game featuring Adorable Creatures!

Niantic Games, the developers of hit Augmented Reality games like “Pokemon GO” and “Harry Potter: Magic Awakened” have recently announced their newest game called “Peridot,” an all-new, real-world AR mobile game, and original franchise that puts the joy of caring for, raising and breeding adorable one-of-a-kind creatures in your hands!


An All-New Original Franchise

After thousands of years of slumber, “Peridots” (or Dots for short) are waking to a world vastly different from the one in which they used to roam, and they’ll need our help to protect them from extinction.

You’ll foster your own Dots as you embark on this experience. These are creatures who feel so real, you’ll love every moment of raising them from birth to adulthood. While you explore the world together, you’ll learn more about your cute new friends, develop a bond as you nurture and play with them, and work with other players to diversify their species.

You Can Breed and Discover New Species Of Dots

In “Peridot,” you can breed your adorable creatures. Each Dot has their own personality and abilities thanks to its “DNA” that has been modeled on how actual DNA works in reality. A Dot’s offspring will be affected by “hand-crafted assets and procedural generation” which means players can mix and match breeds and create a unique dot or streamline their breeding practices to aim for something specific.

Dot species are diverse. They can range from the magical like Unicrons, to downright adorable like Rabbits. There are even fish-type species inspired by Clownfishes. It’s up to the player to discover them all.

Where Does The Augmented Reality Come Into Play?

“Peridot” will have Points Of Interest players can visit. Additionally, instead of “Gyms” like in Pokemon GO, players can visit habitats where their Dots can breed. The habitat will also affect what offspring will come out. You never know you might get something amazing like a Dragon-type.

Aside from habitats, there will also be NPC characters in the game you can interact with, collect or buy helpful items for your Dots, and even find accessories that give your creature special buffs.

“Peridot” will be having a soft test launch soon for Android and iOS. Throughout the testing phase, the developers will be testing and iterating on the gameplay experience as we gather feedback from our beta testers. You can sign up now for their email newsletter to stay informed of future updates and to pre-register the game once it’s available. Visit their official website for more information.