Classic MMO Rappelz Online to be revived by Playpark

mmorpg Rappelz online SEA

The classic PC RPG Rappelz Online is set to be revived this year by publisher PlayPark. The game was created by Korean developers GalaLab (formerly nFlavor) and it was first published in 2009. Now, after a decade, it is looking to recapture the magic once again.


The story is set in medieval times, when the Deva and Asura race was created by the oldest faction, Gaia, to bring balance to the world. It brought a period of peace and stability but there was one Gaian who wanted more power. Calling herself “The Witch”, she rallied allies and brought chaos to the three factions. Only through the combined force of the Gaia, Deva, and Asura race did they defeat the enemy. They burned the Witch and peace reigned once again, or so they thought. Rumors of the Witch having survived is now circulating, and everyone is scared of her possible return.

Here’s the breakdown of the races in Rappelz:

  • Gaia – humans that have an affinity with nature. They are masters of nature magic and raw destructive power. They have good buffs, AoE damaging skills, and spells that can directly damage an enemy.
  • Deva – they are the representation of light. They are blessed with magical healing powers and high defensive capabilities. It is the perfect faction for players who want to focus on survivability.
  • Asura – they are the representation of darkness. They focus more on evasion and magical damage and also on offensive attacks.

Each race has three different classes to choose from; melee, magic, and summoner, who is the only class that can improve pets. Pets are creatures that players can collect in the game and they will aid you in your adventures and battles. You can choose your profession after reaching level 10.

The world of Rappelz is divided into several areas, like the training zone where all players start from and multiple dungeons scattered everywhere. These dungeons are isolated areas that can be reached through portals. They have stronger monsters, but exp and loot chance is higher here, which makes dungeons a great choice for adventuring with a party.

Rappelz also has a guild system where up to five guilds can form an alliance. PvP mode is also present in the game. And the usual fantasy MMO features like mounts, arenas, instances, guild vs guild, and boss hunt, are all present.

PlayPark has yet to announce a release date, so stay tuned to Enduins to get updates on Rappelz!