SMASH LEGENDS, Multiplayer PVP to launch globally in April for mobile and PC

South Korean Publisher, LINE Games Corporation announced that the Multiplayer Action PvP SMASH LEGENDS will launch worldwide on April 13 for the Google Play, iOS App Store, and Steam platform.


Developed by 5minlab and published by LINE Games, SMASH LEGENDS is a real-time brawler where players will knock each other off from the arena within 3 minutes. For lovers of fast-paced action games, SMASH LEGENDS offers 6 modes to choose from including Duel, 3 vs 3 Dominion, and 8-player Battle Royale. Along with versatile modes comes 9 unique fairy-tale-inspired characters to choose from, each distinguished with different skills and matching strategies to experiment with.

With its simple, intuitive gameplay and charming characters, SMASH LEGENDS is creating a buzz among player communities in Europe and Canada, where it has soft-launched in March this year. As a multiplatform title, the game supports mobile-PC cross-play with multiple language support.

SMASH LEGENDS is currently holding a pre-registration event that will reward all pre-registered players with Peter’s skin. Those who are pre-registering through Google Play will receive Key Doubler as well.

When it launches worldwide on April 13, SMASH LEGENDS will hold special launching events including a 2 week-long login event that will reward all players with in-game items such as Gems, Coins, and Key Doublers, and more.

For more information on the game and its events, visit the SMASH LEGENDS pre-registration page.