“The Cryptic Society”: Filipino-Owned 2D NFT Going Mainstream

Collecting Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) has been all the rage right now whether it’s for fun, investing for profit, or reaping the perks of owning one. No longer limited to games, NFTs can range from music, images, to videos, and many more.


Some of the biggest projects are “Bored Apes” and “Crypto Punks.” NFT digital art is becoming more mainstream as the world transitions into the metaverse. 

In the Philippines, there is one team that aims to be as popular, even hoping to surpass the popularity of international NFT projects. “The Cryptic Society” is a community that collaborates ideas, culture, fashion, and movement that aims to create a space where all can interact, exchange ideas, and have fun in a world that is transitioning into the metaverse.

About “The Cryptic Society”

The Cryptic Society is an NFT collection of 7,777 unique 2D Cryptic avatars distributed on the “OpenSea” platform. The team behind “TCS ” aims to expand the NFT scene in the Philippines and be an exclusive community-driven project. They will utilize a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) and bridge Filipinos to promote and express themselves through NFT.

The People Behind the Project

The team behind “The Cryptic Society” is a band of like-minded individuals with the same passion and goals. Their diverse background ranges from engineering, technology, forex trading, to entrepreneurship. With their skills and drive for success, there is only one trajectory they aim for – upwards.

Perks of Owning a TCS NFT

The “TCS NFTs” are not just ordinary art collections. They aim not just to create a society but one with perks that the holders can utilize. Holders can:

  • Join events
  • Cast votes
  • Create suggestions for the “The Cryptic Society” Roadmap (DAO Voting System)
  • Get up to 50% discount for all SV Merch 
  • 15% discount on all tattoo services at Culture Studio
  • 30% discount on Royal Wrap services
  • 10% discount on parts and services at BLC Cycle
  • 50% discount on all products of Eco Wash
  • Exclusive discount voucher and a free 90-day trial version of ESET antivirus and firewall

“The Cryptic Society” 2022 Roadmap

“The cryptic society” intends to concentrate on developing a social media presence and expanding its membership in the first quarter of 2022. Airdrop raffles, DAO implementation, and encouraging cooperation and partnerships are among the priorities. 

By the second quarter, they plan to create a digital art gallery for the cryptic community and concentrate on constructing an action plan for validating all of their partners’ utilities and benefits. The creation of a membership rewards card for all NFT holders is one of the early ideas. 

By the third quarter, they plan to invest every asset and resource into the TCS token development. The emphasis will be on learning more about tokenomics and other related issues in token creation. 

And by the fourth quarter, they will launch the TCS token properly and on schedule. Efforts will also be devoted toward preparing “The Cryptic Society” to make the metaverse shift.

Join the Society

You can mint the NFTs through their website or visit OpenSea. Pre-selling of NFTs began on February 24, 2022, for 32 MATIC per NFT. The price will increase to 64 MATIC once TCS launches on February 28.