Ragnarok Online restricts access to four countries, gamers react

RO disconnected screen

Ragnarok Online’s return sparked massive interest in the gaming community (including us here at Enduins!) There were even prelaunch events like PRONTERA’S CHIVALRY – LEVEL CHALLENGE and this REPORTING FOR DUTY: DAILY LOGIN EVENT that lead to even more hype for the legend’s return. And when it finally and officially relaunched last June 29, 2017, swarms of old and new MMROPG players tried out the supposedly new and improved Ragnarok Online.


Just a few days in, however, RO servers have started experiencing apparent connection issues. And just last July 3, 2017, RO’s management team decided to limit access to the game to just four countries for the meantime. This lead to some strong criticism, with some players pointing out that RO was supposed to have a no-IP restriction policy. RO Philippines have said they are listening to gamers’ take on this so they could formulate a much better solution. So, what do you think guys? Any ideas? Post your comments and/or solutions below and let’s try to help the RO community!

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