[G-Star 2019] Shadow Arena Battle Royale, debut trailer and character reveals

Shadow Arena is currently aiming to launch in the first half of 2020.

Continuing on with Pearl Abyss G-Star 2019 presentation, “Byulbram” Kwangsam Kim, the lead producer of Shadow Arena shows us what’s in store for this new entry in the battle royale genre.


Shadow Arena is an action-packed battle royale game originally developed as an in-game content for Black Desert Online. The game has received great feedback from players around the globe, however being a game mode inside Black Desert made it difficult for the devs to change the system of Shadow Arena. They adjusted their calculation of AP and DP or how players control a character would impact Black Desert itself which is why they decided to develop the game as a stand-alone title instead.

The game, just like Crimson Desert, is also set in the Black Desert universe. Kwangsam Kim said that the game is part of a big picture that is intertwined in Black Desert’s storyline last year (2018), and it will lead up to the story that will unfold in the Black Desert universe over the next few years.

The Story

The story involves un unseen threats approaching the world of Black Desert. The Shadow Knights are working with the Black Spirits, preparing the biggest threat the world has seen by searching the greatest hero in all history. Thus, they borrowed the power of the Blackstar and created the Shadow Arena. By projecting the shadow for the most powerful heroes, each Black Spirit remembers, they are in search of the strongest one to inherit their legacy.


  • Jordine Ducas, the hope of Serendia.

He is the Grand Chamberlain who appears in the beginning of Black Desert’s main quest. He used to be the hero and hope of Serendia. He went through a lot since then.  Jordine is a simple yet sturdy hero with combos and solid defensive abilities. He is good for both beginners and skilled players.

  • Ahon Kirus

She is the chief of Tarif in Black Desert, however, she is her younger self in Shadow Arena. Ahon Kirus is a hero with high mobility and destructive burst damage, perfect for players who play mages with high skill-cap.

  • Yeonhwa

She is a hero who came from a faraway region in search of Black Death. Her biggest strength is her high mobility and ability to counterattack. She’s a hero who excels in fast-paced melee combat using her mobility.

  • Shultz

He’s the legendary gladiator who led the Shultz Guards in the Sausan region of Mediah. He is a tough manly hero. He can resist all crowd controls and charge at enemies. Once they are within Shultz’s range, he can grab the enemy and harass them continuously.

  • Haru

She’s an assassin that fought alongside Calpheon and kidnapped Lord Domongatt of Heidel in the past. She has the power of stealth. She also has high mobility and her combos are easy to use. Haru is great for beginners, but also for skilled players who can use her stealth ability to its full potential.

  • Herawen

She is the head of Kamasylve Temple. In Shadow Arena, she is herself back when she first stepped into the human world. She isn’t very mobile but she makes it up for it with her many ranged skills with crowd control effects that allow her to harass enemies from a distance. Plus, she can summon Kamasylve Tree to heal herself and allies.

You can experience Shadow Arena and the 6 heroes during G-Star 2019 and in the CBT scheduled to start on November 21 until the 24th and will have English language support. There will be many more characters to play at the official launch. CBT tester announcement has started on November 11 followed by November 18, and finally November 21.