Ragnarok X Guide: Everything about AFK Gameplay and why it’s important

[Ragnarok X: Next Generation Wiki] Ragnarok X Next Generation has a very helpful feature not found in other RO mobile MMO iterations: AFK Grinding. This feature is getting more and more common, especially with mobile RPG games, since the whole point of mobile gaming is “play on the go”, and in this modern fast-paced world we live in now, this statement never rang truer. Here’s what you need to know about ROX’s AFK mode, how to take advantage of it, and the benefits it gives you, especially on those busy days.


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We can openly admit that a lot of use dislike grinding. It can go on for hours and it becomes tedious to a point that it almost feels like a second job. These are just some of the reasons why mobile game devs implement an auto-battle system in their games that can help players in a big way. You only need to properly set up your character and let them do their own thing.

What makes ROX’s auto-battle system different?

Unlike other RO mobile iterations where they try to limit a player’s game time through a stamina system, ROX repurposed it for another feature and instead, allows you to grind 24/7. Maybe you’re asking yourself “Why did they let us do 24/7 grinding, we have jobs in real life”. We can assume maybe this is one of their ways to make us feel like we’re playing the Classic PC Ragnarok we grew up with and loved.

Do we need the AFK Grinding?

Yes, especially during the early parts of the game because you need a lot of Zeny to upgrade your equipment to the bare minimum requirements where you’re able to deal with tasks fairly easily. This also includes daily tasks like COC Mission and Guild Orders.

Why is AFK Grinding so important in ROX?

In ROX, players are not limited by the Stamina System like other games wherein you can’t gain exp or zeny once your stamina (Odin’s Blessing) is depleted. Due to that reason, players should utilize the AFK grinding feature properly and to its maximum potential.

What are the consequences if you didn’t use AFK Grinding?

If you don’t have time or just plain don’t want to use the AFK grinding feature, you will encounter several problems such as not having enough zeny to do COC Quests and Guilds Orders for that day. In time, it will indefinitely hinder your game progress and you won’t be able to catch up to your peers.

What can I do if I don’t have the time to utilize AFK Grinding?

You can always ask your guildmates if they can help you with your Guild Orders, or be a bit lenient and understanding of your situation if you really can’t finish them all. There’s also the option of looking for another guild to join which has a more lenient way of running things. Doing a minimum of 3 to 4 hours of grinding after consuming Odin’s Blessing early game can be enough. 3 hours can already be too much for some players, but as much as possible, try to reach this goal. You can always do multiple grinding sessions in a day to reach this goal.

Important information you need to know plus tips and tricks on AFK Grinding

  1. Check your current level – Always check your current level before grinding, target monsters that are within 3 levels above your current level since they give 100% base and job EXP. Do keep in mind that ROX implemented a “gap system” in which players cannot receive 100% worth of experience once you passed a certain threshold. So make sure that your target monster is ±3 levels to your current level.

  1. Always check your damage output – If your target monsters are well within the recommended level range but your DPS (Damage Per Second) can’t keep up, you need to rethink your approach to AFK Grinding. This holds, especially for the Priest class where undead/ghost monsters are not available in every level range.

It’s fine to go within -4 to -6 levels if you can’t defeat them fast enough and/or you wanted a specific card from that monster.


  • Player: Priest lvl 45
  • Skeleton Worker vs Argos
  • Monster kill per minute:
    • 1min: 10 SW : (.8)(110)(10) = 880exp
    • 1min: 3 Argos : (1)(221)(3) = 663exp
  • Grinding on SW is more efficient than Argos.

3. Difference between solo and party – It is recommended that you find a party to do your daily grinds but remember to be mindful of your spot and find one that is not occupied by other players. Try to aim for 5 different classes in your team to get the max party exp boost.

4. Download the spreadsheet for exp/job table so you’ll have a better guide and won’t get confused, or use the ROXDB.com website for an online database.

Recommended grinding STATS for each class

During the early games, just focus on your class’s main stat to increase P.ATK/M.ATK so that you can kill monsters quicker.

  • Swordsman / Merchant / Thief : STR
  • Mage / Acolyte : INT
  • Archer: DEX

Recommended grinding skills for each class

Note: This currently only covers the Wizard and Priest class. We’ll update this once we try the other classes.


Active Skill: Soul Strike & Fire Wall
Passive: Zen
Talisman Suggestion: Haste
Useful mage tips and tricks:

  • Always check the casting time of your Soul Strike before increasing its level. Casting time should be less than a second.
  • Level 5 FireWall is enough or you can just max it if you want.
  • Max out your Zen to level 10 to increase your SP Regeneration.
  • For your remaining Skill Points, use them when you successfully became Wizard class.


Active Skill: Storm Gust & Lord of Vermillion
Passive: Soul Drain
Useful Wizard tips and tricks:

  • Once you become a wizard, your 4 main skills will beSoul Strike, Fire Wall, Storm Gust, and Lord of Vermillion.
  • Use your saved skill points to get Storm Gust & Lord of Vermillion. Be sure to always check their casting time before upgrading.
  • If you want, you can also get Soul Drain to further maximize your SP Regeneration.


Active Skill: 
Blessing + Agility: Max
Kyrie: 1/10
Holy Light: 5/10
Signum Crucis: 5/10
Heal: 5/10
Light Blessing: 2/10
Soulmender: 5/5
Talisman Suggestion: ATK Speed / Haste
Acolyte useful tips and tricks:

  • Lower-level mobs are not that hard to kill so a normal attack build will suffice until you reach JOB lvl 50. But if you prefer to use your skills, we recommend wearing a talisman accessory with a Haste bonus.


Active Skill: Heal, Sanctuary, Turn Undead, Magnificat (increase M.Atk + SP Regen)
Passive: Zen (optional)
Priest useful tips and tricks:

  • Don’t forget to wear your Haste Talisman.
  • Increase your skill levels accordingly, and always check their casting time once you do.
  • Focus on Undead / Ghost monsters if there’s any available around your current level.

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