Ragnarok X Guide: Basic tips and to-dos for faster level ups

[Ragnarok X: Next Generation Wiki] How do I level up faster? One of the most common questions people ask themselves and the community when it comes to MMORPGs and ROX is no exception. It’s literally the bread and butter as to which your character’s strength is measured, topped off with how good your current gears are, of course. In this guide, we’ll talk about how you can maximize your leveling potential in-game.


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In Ragnarok X: Next Generation there are two types of experience you can gain. They are called Base Experience and Job Experience. Base exp refers to your character’s level while Job exp refers to the level of your character’s job class.

The different types of EXP in ROX and what do they affect 

  1. Base EXP – it refers to your character’s level that in turn will determine which gears you can use. Each level will give you stat points that you can use to boost your character’s, well, stats. You can see your base exp bar on your character info on the bottom left of your screen.

  1. Job EXP – refers to your current job level, every job level you will receive one skill point to level up your preferred skill. For your first job advancement, you need to level your job class to level 50 before you can receive a quest for the second job advancement, and once you reach that part, there will be another 50 levels to grind for the third job advancement. Each job advancement will open up a new set of skills that you can use for your adventures. You can check your current job level by clicking your character icon, you can also find it on the bottom right of your screen.

Which type of EXP should you focus on?

Based on experience, we suggest focus leveling your Job EXP because, during your first job advancement, most of your skills will be single target with fairly low damage. When you unlock the second job advancement skill set, you will have access to a higher variety of skills, especially AOE Skills (Area of Effect Skills).

How do you level up faster in ROX?

The following information are based on ROX’s Database where players compiled the amount of EXP you can gain with each type of monster found in the game. The following monsters stand out because they give higher Job EXP compared to other monsters.

  1. Poison Spore – this monster can be located at Capital Sewers 2F. You can start grinding here at base level 25 and leave at base level 32.

Advantage: Large area, it can accommodate a large number of adventurers.
Disadvantage: Monsters are too spread out, each spot only has 2 to 3 monsters.

  1. Roda Frog – you can find this type of monster at Shipwreck 1F. You can start grinding here at base level 30 and leave at base level 37.

Advantage: Gives highest job EXP.
Disadvantages: Small number of monsters & its area is small so only few players can farm here.

  1. Caramel – this type of monster is located in  Mjolnir Mountains. You can start farming here at base level 31 and leave at base level 38.

Advantages: Wide area that can accommodate lots of player and each spot has 3 to 5 monsters.
Disadvantage: Players stays here until they reach job level 50 so the number of adventurer here just keep on increasing. More players = More competition.

  1. Martin – it is located at Mjolnir Cave 1f. You can start grinding here at base level 34 and leave once you reached base level 41.

Advantages: Wide Area and lots of monsters available on each spot.
Disadvantage: Martin’s can stun you, therefore it is only advisable to farm here once you get the second job advancement skills.

Do take note that since these are the most popular grinding spots in the game, you can expect them to be crowded with other players, but no worries. You can always find a party to make things easier. Additionally being in a party will boost the EXP you gain by 160%. So gather up your friends, or guildmates, work together and help each other level up faster.

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