Ragnarok X Guide: Useful tips and tricks about Mining

[Ragnarok X: Next Generation Wiki] Mining materials have a wide range of uses such as Upgrading, Refining & Smelting. In order to mine you need Stamina, each mining usage consumes two stamina. you are also required to buy a pickaxe as your mining equipment. There are different kinds of pickaxe in the game: Normal Pickaxe, Advance Pickaxe, and Alloy Pickaxe. DO take note that pickaxes are consumable items. Once a Pickaxe’s durability is consumed, you’ll need to go get a new one to use.


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What is the difference between the different pickaxes?

  • Normal Pickaxe – regular mining equipment that will allow you to mine ores, you can buy it from any Sundries Shop located in any major city.

  • Advanced Pickaxe – a mining tool made by a craftsman. It can help you to mine faster compared to using a normal pickaxe. It’s three times more expensive than a normal pickaxe but the return is worth it. You can also buy it from any Sundries Shop located in any major city.

  • Alloy Pickaxe – generally used to mine Rich Veins, you can get around 100 different ores every time you mine. You can buy it from the Crystal Shop located in Alberta City. You can also receive it as a Kingdom Pass Reward.

How do you begin Mining in ROX?

It is easier to do mining compared to Life Skills like fishing and gardening. You just need to follow the steps below:

  1. Select the Mining menu

  1. Determine what material you need to mine.

  1. Double-check if the selected mining material is really what you need. You can also check where that mining material is used for.

  1. After you double-check if it’s the right mining material you want, just tap any common ore vein you prefer and your character will go to that location.
  1. Once you’re at the chosen location, just press the mining button.

  1. Select what type of pickaxe you will use

  1. Click Start Mining button.

How do you mine rich veins?

You just need an Alloy Axe and enough stamina. You basically consume around 200 stamina points and a pickaxe.  To mine veins, just follow the steps below.

  • Select Rich Vein to auto-path your character to that location.

  • Prepare your Alloy Axe and press the Mining button.

  • Once you press the mining button, it will start the process. All you need to do now is wait.

  • Mining Complete, you got 100 ores in one go by doing this method saving you a lot of time but expensive it is quite expensive.

Useful tips and tricks about Mining

  • If you don’t have enough zeny but want to do mining, use Normal Pickaxe. You can also ask your Merchant friends to craft one for you and sell it for cheap.
  • If you have extra zeny use Advanced Pickaxe to hasten things up since your time in the game can be allotted to other endeavors.
  • Alloy Pickaxe are expensive early game but once the general populace starts spending and the crystal starts circulating in the market, it will become cheaper.
  • Choose the appropriate pickaxe based on your current income. Any pickaxe will give you the same type of ore.

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