Ragnarok X: Next Generation Pet system first impression and guide on how to obtain pets

The highly Anticipated Pet System finally arrives in Ragnarok X: Next Generation! Adventurers of Midgard can now catch their favorite soon-to-be companions in the game and let them join in your battles! Let’s check what the Pet System is all about.


The pet system offers a select number of monster companions for players to catch and raise, with the pets faithfully following their owners every step of their adventure. In Ragnarok X: Next Generation, pets will loyally follow their owners around, as well as become an active part of each adventurer’s battle strategies.

Each pet will be born with a specific talent that highlights its special passive traits. This gives each pet its own strength, meaning they’ll be of great help along with your adventures.


First, you need to have a base level of 60 to unlock the quest that in turn will give you access to the pet system.

Talk to Basic Pet Merchant Lyra in Prontera. Follow her instructions on how to buy a pet by going to the Pet Shop menu. Once inside the shop, you need to buy a Pet Slingshot. After that, equip it and talk to NPC Lyra again.

She’ll give you a brief tutorial on how to use your slingshot and load it with Projectiles, the ammo you need to capture monsters. She’ll even give you a couple of projectiles for free! After this, she’ll tell you to talk to NPC Taksch at Prontera South Gate.

Locate Taksch and talk to him. He’ll then teach you how to go about capturing monsters. Just follow the quest goals until he talks to you about the importance of the Pet Encyclopedia. This menu can be accessed by going to the Life menu > Pets. Here you can check the various information about the different kinds of monsters you can capture.

Once done, he’ll then tell you about taming items. Each monster has a preferred item you can use to tame them. For example, poring loves unripe apples so if you want to capture one of those, you’ll need an unripe apple. For this guide, we’re going to use carrots for the Lunatic.


Now it’s time to catch some monsters for pets! But how do you find monsters that can be captured? Simply go to the Pet Encyclopedia by navigating to the Life menu > Pets > then select a pet on the left side of the menu. On the bottom portion, you’ll see the “Habitat” where these monsters appear. If we want a Lunatic, the information in the Pet Encyclopedia says they are located in Prontera South Gate. So we simply tap that, and off we go!

Before trying to capture a pet, remember to equip your Slingshot and load it with projectiles. Once done, go to the location where your target spawns. Select one and begin attacking them with your slingshot.

Once a monster’s HP goes down to 10% you can finally use the pet taming skill. Tap the skill and a slot machine will pop up. If the slot machine shows the pet’s preferred item, you’ll be able to catch the monster! The more preferred items, the higher quality your pet will be. (Maximum 3 preferred items)! Congratulations, you now have a pet of your own!


To summon a pet, go to the Pet menu, select the pet you want, and then select “Fight”.

You can also check in this menu the different information about your pets including their stats, how to advance your pet, their different skills, and so on. There are also costumes for pets here where you can change their appearance!

To recall a pet, simply go back to the Pet menu, select the pet you’re currently using, and tap recall.


You can level up your pets to make them stronger and even make them evolve once they reach a certain threshold. To level up a pet, you need to increase its “Favor”. To do this by petting them, giving them gifts, and letting them have their favorite foods.

You can do all of this by going to the Pet menu > select a pet > and select “interact”.

Here, you can check which foods are their favorite, give them pets, and which gifts they would like. Do remember that you can only interact with your pet 10 times per day.


Pets can evolve into a more powerful version of themselves once they reach Favor level 50. But you’ll need some items first to proceed. You’ll need to have a Pet Advancement Pill and the pet’s favorite item. Also, evolving isn’t guaranteed. There is only a 10% chance it will succeed.

If the evolution is a success, the pet’s level will return to level 1 but it will gain better stats, favor, rank, and skills.


To activate a pet slot, you need a skill sheet. These can be obtained through the Pet Book Vending Machine. Each pet can unlock up to 3 awakening slots, and each one will need 2 skill sheets and 5,000 Zeny.


Ragnarok X: Next Generation has made the pet system pretty decently balanced but there are currently pets that have an advantage when it comes to pet evolution.

The Poring and Lunatic pets are great starter pets for any adventurer. They are easy to find and pretty easy to capture. They also have the advantage of evolving into a Mastering and an Eclipse respectively down the road. Hornets are a good pet to obtain as well as they can become a Mistress when trying to evolve. Finally, a Phreeoni is a good candidate as well but this one will take a while to obtain since you need a Phreeoni Pet Cage item to even try and capture it.

Some of the pets may have an advantage in this regard but it’s really up to you, the player, to experiment which pet suits you better or which are best suited to your job class. Try to capture them all and test each one out to find out!

That’s it for your Pet System guide and first impression. We hope that the information above will help you throughout your journey in Midgard, now with a companion at your side. The pet system is a great addition to the game. Not only is it functional, but it’s also nostalgic because it’s one of the core systems the classic RO offered to its players. Pets aren’t just something to brag about in-game as they also have utilities and functions that help the player a lot. Not to mention they are absolutely adorable! Can you even resist the cuteness of a Poring? I bet you can’t! 

Ragnarok X: Next Generation is available now for both Android and iOS. Be sure to download the game and don’t miss out on this brand new system and all the adventure and thrilling journey this epic game has to offer.