Create amazing memories with Ragnarok X: Next Generation’s social feature functions!

Last month, we saw the grand launch of Ragnarok X: Next Generation. It’s been a few weeks since the game went live on June 18. So far, we have been enjoying the game tremendously. The game received praises for staying true to the RO formula and for being Free to Play friendly. But the features that people seem to be enjoying the most are the social functions found in the game.


ROX is a lot of fun to play even when you’re flying solo, but it only gets better when you have friends to enjoy it with. The game is not just interactive but a joy to experience with friends. It has a lot to offer when it comes to socializing with other players. So, let’s check those features out.

Friends and Emojis: Form new bonds and express yourself

It’s so much enjoyable when you play ROX with friends. You can add friends by tapping the ‘friend’ icon on the left side of your chatbox. Having friends in-game has its own perks! With friends, it’s easier to find a party to go grinding with. You can also exchange info about the game, and teach each other tips and tricks to make your time in ROX much more enjoyable and progressive. When you’re done for the day and just want to hang out, you can chat with them and talk about your day. 

Arguably one of the favorite features social savvy players love in-game are the animated emojis. These animated bubbles have helped millions of players throughout Ragnarok Online’s history to express their emotions from joy to anger, and everything in between. It is no different in ROX. Players have been using these emojis in different creative ways as well like making memes.

Animated emojis are also proven useful during combat scenarios where you need to inform your party or guildmates quickly. In trouble and need a quick assist? Time to regroup or celebrate a job well done? Fire those emojis!

The Guild system: Fight with loyal comrades at your side

The guild system is one of the biggest social functions in the game and one of the most important features. Creating or joining a guild will open lots of new avenues for you. Here, you can meet like-minded people who will join you in your adventures in ROX. You’ll get to go on raids with them, and hunt bosses. You are bound to make a couple of friends in guilds!

To create one, you have to reach level 20 to unlock the guild function, an Emperium from NPC Lindra in Prontera which costs 300k zeny, and a guild creation fee which costs another 300k zeny. Tap the guild button on the lower right menu then choose between creating a guild and joining one. Tapping ‘create guild’ will lead you to NPC Vienna where you can finalize your guild creation.

And voila! You now have your own guild! You can now invite your friends and other players to your guild.

ROX Marriage system: a journey with our significant other

The marriage system is a feature later introduced in Ragnarok Online and has become a staple social function in the franchise ever since. 

If you want to get married, both you and your partner should reach level 40 to unlock the function. Head on to NPC Wolmas in Prontera Cathedral (upper right of map) and ask to get married. You’ll then need to accumulate 9999 favor each to proceed. You can increase your favor by giving gifts to your friends. Don’t forget that there’s a daily limit for gift giving.

While you’re accumulating favors, you can start planning for your wedding ceremony by talking to NPC Doris below the cathedral. Customize your venue, wedding style and even start a flower parade. You can also invite your friends to your wedding!

Once married, you’ll gain access to marriage skills. These are particular skills that you can use with your partner. Instantly teleport to their side, gain buffs when you’re out hunting together, and defend each other on the field. Let your love show not just in marriage, but by your actions as well!

Weddings in ROX are a grand occasion and a must-see for the friends of the newlyweds. The whole event is fully interactive! You can say it’s like attending a real wedding. It’s a joyous moment shared with comrades that will truly be remembered in your ROX history together.

Amusement Park: a dedicated place for socialization

If you think you’ve seen everything after the marriage and the guild system, wait until you visit the amusement park!

The amusement park is a place where you can just chill with your companions. Hop on to different rides and attractions, or simply hang out and have a good chat. Take a break from all the grinding and questing and spend some quality time with your in-game friends!

ROX diverse social features are special because they take the friendships you formed in-game to the offline world. Ragnarok Online has been around and when long-time players look back, what they remember the most are the friendships they formed, thanks to this franchise. The same is true with its latest addition, ROX. You can call it the “RO effect.”

Clearly, the game developers put great emphasis on these features to make them as sociable as possible. Features that are not just for the players’ bragging rights, but for creating memories to be cherished with friends beyond ROX gaming adventures.